Creating a Mermaid: Paper Artist Collective!

Thank you to the Paper Artist Collective for featuring my piece!

The Process Behind the Piece: Karen Brooks

July 5, 2016

This week we feature the very talented Karen Brooks, read all about her layered mermaid sculpture.

Karen is a paper sculptor living in Maine in the Northeast US. Creating striking and vibrant paper sculptures, Karen regularly exhibits her work and teaches artists of all ages. Her inspirations come from nature, the creative spirit, up-cycling found materials, the poetry of everyday life, and mythology.

Karen explains the process behind her work:

I enjoy tales of mermaids as creatures of both sea and land. I feel as artists we also live between the world of the imagination and everyday life. 

I like to work without a plan, it is a way of dreaming with my hands, I get to follow the path! I enjoy improvising with paper as a medium, it is so easy to make new shapes, and to be inventive.

Each piece of paper is cut into, then layered and cut further.


Using a knife,tweezers and glue I construct everything from paper, even the sparkle in an eye! I use the grain of the paper to help build depth, curling the pieces as I go.


The final step of gluing everything in place is so exciting, I see the final image for the first time.

It takes about 40 hours to create a piece. People imagine that I have incredible patience. I simply feel so happy and fortunate when I am in my studio building a world out of paper.

 To read  the piece at the Paper Artist Collective blog, you can use this link:!The-Process-Behind-the-Piece-Karen-Brooks/rw73l/576ee6440cf2816ad17390b9






The husk is shattering and new life emerges. This is the only way. We are not intended to remain comfortable here. We are here for transformation.

Seeds to seedlings to plants

We planted our lovely tomato seeds yesterday, dreaming of transplanting seedlings in 8 weeks, or so. Here is a paper sculpture card that I made last December for a commission. Hoping to build more beds when the ground is less damp. Meanwhile creating more artwork of birds and gardens and the subterranean dream of Spring.

the whole world is a very narrow bridge



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