My paper sculpture is created by cutting paper with a blade or scissors, bending and folding and layering the paper, and gluing the layers. I use archival materials, including the glue and colored or painted paper. Sometimes I use foam core to add depth between paper layers. The work builds slowly, until the moment when it seems to come alive with depth. From that point on the work seems to dictate what it needs to be complete. This is the moment in creating paper sculptures that I love the most!

I first used cut paper as a medium when I was a child, making stop motion animation. I continue to find constructing images from paper, adding and arranging elements, a medium filled with joy, surprises and endless possibilities. I enjoy sharing my love for making art with people of all ages, in classrooms and workshops. 

I have also made work from material that is up-cycled from the environment, such as empty cooking oil containers, aluminum cans, paper beads. I love the challenge of taking outcast materials and finding a creative re-purpose for them, particularly in a community setting.

My studio is located in Maine, where I draw inspiration daily from my surroundings. To comment or inquire about my work, please use the form at the bottom of the Contact page.