sea dreams

The mermaid paper sculpture is ready to be put together, in layers, with toothpicks and glue.

building a mermaid

building a mermaid

I love this part, when all the pieces come together, and a microcosm appears. Big noisy world is not the only reality. We all have inner dwellings, and sometimes art makes these visible, we can share our dark, or shiny places with each other. With our hands we can share hope, and we can dream onward.

with care

I have had some difficult conversations this week, with people that I love.

When I woke up this morning, I had a structure in my mind, but no image. I folded the paper in three, and just started to cut, drawing with a scalpel. 

What does love require of us? 





The artwork for which I built multi layered shipping containers has arrived safely, several hundred miles from here. I am relieved...but even more I feel so much gratitude, to the people who commissioned the work. They were lovely to work for, and it was a complete joy to be involved in this project. I feel so fortunate and grateful for the shining river of love that serves to connect us all to each other, through dreams and visions, into art and life.


I decided to play with a simple book shape today. When you open the card the word JOY pops up. 

This was a  fun beginning to an exploration that I hope to continue!

At the threshold

First a group portrait of my created friends who in turn create me, watching as I work.

 Next is a crossing the threshold story told in the form of a nesting doll. Life is full of thresholds that we cross and sometimes we don't even notice. It is how we grow, moving from dark to light, developing as beings in the world. Often at a threshold there is fear before we make the crossing.

I made these nesting dolls to be a reminder that it's OK to be afraid.
This is where we have the chance to whisper to each other "keep going..."

Nesting Dolls: Each one opens and contains the next

Fear Not
Fear Stands Guard
At the Threshold of Mystery

May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Be Free...
keep friend

Sarabande doll

           I finished this doll today and named her after the type of music I was hearing when I made her.
           She is all felt, all hand sewn. I sewed her arms and hands during a staff meeting! 

In nursing school many years ago, it surprised me to find that a cross section of our spinal cord shows nerve cells shaped as a butterfly, where sensory information flows to our awareness. That butterfly is a primal imprint in human consciousness, a symbol at times for death and rebirth.

Certainly in winter we can feel the dream of emerging from a cocoon toward a gentler spring.

Driftwood doll

I found him in Burlington Vermont near the fishing pier dock, Lake Champlain. I took him home and painted him, but left one side raw wood as I found him and sealed it. Painting driftwood feels like a collaboration with the wood and water and time.
I have had Shakespeare's Sonnet 15 on my mind lately, particularly the final two lines:
And all in war with Time for love of you, As he takes from you, I engraft you new.

It expresses for me the small possibilities we have to redeem and make new. It is my antidote to the cultural message of the futility of effort. We are so small, and our lives so brief, and yet we can spin magic,

and love and heal and create.

creative life

This newest doll has a paisley beaded heart. Her face and arms are of felt and paint, and her hands and feet are doll clay. Her hair is of all sorts of yarns, a shiny-beaded fiery balance to the winter weather.

I had a challenging week.The light is slowly returning.

Here is something else that I want to share. It is wonderful to be a part of the creative life, where seams show, hearts are worn outside, and feelings are a core component of what makes us human.

Thank you to artists and poets and music makers and creators of all stripes and polka dots.

Thank you to all who resist the pressure to conform to the narrows.

I am honored to walk in your company...

bright shiny love

Here are some of the dolls that I have made since November.
I have been using a simple form to play with colors, stitches, embroidery, beads and bells.

Making these makes my fingers sing. I hope that everyone finds the work that renews them, that brings them home again. 

Earth can be a lonesome planet, at times...

Where do I know you from?
And then we recognize each other again!

You are from the country of my soul. We have been here all along. Where else could we ever go?

I find myself at peace again.  Renewed...

Wishing you joy and  light in these dark times, and the endurance to create and share healing with all those who surround you.